Amanda Sherlip

Executive Director

Amanda has more than 16 years of experience in nonprofit leadership with a broad background in education and the arts, economic development, community building, systems change, environmental action, anti-racism and discrimination, financial literacy, and social services. Prior to her transition into organizational leadership, Amanda spent over a decade working with children and local communities as a music educator and performer. Her background as a violinist took her around the globe working in youth education, international diplomacy, and outreach throughout Central and Latin America, South America, Asia, the South Pacific, and North America. The granddaughter of war refugees, Amanda maintains a global vision for humanitarianism.

Amanda received her master’s degree from Columbia University in Fundraising Management (née Nonprofit Management) where she focused on cross-sector collaboration, nonprofit leadership, and 21st Century business development. She holds a BA in Music from Stony Brook University and spent time abroad at The Chinese University of Hong Kong studying international relations, public health and policy. Amanda brings to Hands a passion for creating lasting change in the world by providing access to education and critical resources, building vital partnerships, and delivering evidence-based and community-centered programs.

In addition to her nonprofit work, Amanda is the co-founder of Personal Habitat – a zero-waste, ethical athletic apparel company created to address pedestrian fatalities through the marriage of safety, comfort, and style. She was granted a patent in 2021 for her sustainable knitwear technique innovation. When she is not working, Amanda enjoys being outdoors with her five-year-old son. Her favorite children’s book is Jane and the Dragon, which was introduced by her literacy-loving mother.

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