Hyacinth Gonsalves-Barriero

Open door, open heart

Highly credentialed in education, science, teacher training, and literacy development, Hyacinth Gonalves-Barriero taught in Antiguan primary schools (Grades K-6) for 22 years and served as a primary school Principal for 20 years (most recently, 14 years at Five Islands Primary School and four years at T.N. Kirnon Primary School). “At my schools I instituted an open-door policy to encourage feedback from students, teachers, and parents, to monitor and maintain a safe, healthy, peaceful school environment,” says Hyacinth. “An orderly school atmosphere creates a high morale among staff and students.” As a Hands Literacy Link, Hyacinth works easily with Antiguan educators, helping them make the most of Hands books and their school’s lending library. Her passion to raise the literacy levels of Antigua children burns brighter than ever.

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