Chee Chee’s World Read Aloud Day

Hands Across the Sea joins millions of children around the world this February 3rd in participation of World Read Aloud Day.

As we celebrate global literacy, Hands is proud to amplify Caribbean voices. We invite you all to join us for this very special reading of Chee Chee’s Big Plan, presented by publishing partner Caribbean Reads and performed by author Carol Mitchell.

Author and Publisher, Carol Mitchell

Chee Chee and his brothers, vervet monkeys living in St. Kitts, spend their days looking for food for the family. The brothers found a beautiful garden, a paradise filled with fruit trees of many kinds, but they must get past many dangers to reach to their paradise. Can Chee Chee come up with a plan to get them past the dangers and into their special garden?

Many readers wonder how Mark and Chee Chee from the Caribbean Adventure Series became friends. This series, beautifully illustrated by Ann-Cathrine Loo, tracks the adventures of the mischievous monkey and his brothers before he met Mark and shows how they came to be fast friends. There are five stories in the series. Support great Caribbean publishing, and add Chee Chee’s Adventure Series to your bookshelf.

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